A road accidentRoad accidents are a modern day nightmare around the world. Every year, lives are lost, people are injured, and properties are damaged on or near roads. While the efforts of the government to reduce road accidents have been commendable, a lot still needs to be done. Here are three simple tips that can help out:

Properly construct roads

A leading cause of road accidents in many countries is the poor construction of the road. Engineers need to ensure that there’s enough space for pavements. Where a crash barrier needs to be installed, road constructors need to put up a high-quality one. Nowadays, gaping potholes — which often cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles — should be a thing of the past.

Enforce road traffic laws

Many road accidents are caused by breaking driving rules and road safety laws. Overspeeding, failure to observe traffic lights, and driving when drunk are the common offences that lead to horrible accidents. To counter these dangerous habits, authorities need to do more than just place traffic officers on the roadside. There should be breath analysers, speed guns, and cameras to assist in identifying culprits and taking appropriate action.

Speed up response time

Sometimes, a quick response to a road accident can help keep things from getting worse. For instance, when there has been a collision and both cars are still on the road, towing them from the road as quickly as possible can help prevent oncoming vehicles from ramming into them, particularly at night. Even more importantly, responding quickly to the road accident can help save the lives of injured people still trapped in the wreckage.

While there never will be a way to solve all accidents that occur on the roads today, there are ways to reduce the probability of one happening. If the authorities and civilians can work hand in hand, the majority of crashes will be reduced and thousands of precious lives saved.