CarMany people get excited when shopping for wheels and tires, and it only serves to ruin the entire exercise. The article highlights some of the factors to keep in mind when buying wheels and tires.

There is an undeniable appeal to a car the rolls on larger rims as it tends to turn heads and get you noticed. In fact, most music videos on TV feature ‘pimped’ cars riding on rims as large as 22 inches. Young motoring enthusiasts might buy into the impressions and splurge on their newest purchase. Unknown to them, it takes a considerable amount of effort and skills to get the right wheels. Therefore, you need to bear in mind a few crucial fact when heading out for a set of Porsche Fuchs wheels.

Bigger isn’t always better

Despite the undeniable appeal, large sized wheels carry a hidden risk that is not so apparent to the casual observer. They translate into additional weight for your car and as such, could significantly lower your vehicle’s performance. It means trading speed and overall performance for aesthetics. The extra weight could also have an effect on your fuel consumption since you have to accelerate more to achieve the normal speeds.

Increasing size could get you into trouble

Other than then performance issues, you could have bigger issues to contend with after increasing the size of your wheel. Anything above the sizes recommended by the manufacturer interferes with your car’s odometer. The increase in circumference lowers the accuracy of the speedometer. As a result, you can find yourself on the receiving end of numerous speeding tickets before you figure out the reasons.

You can still be fancy and sensible

When buying fancy wheels for your car, you are better prioritizing performance over looks. A credible study established that wheels under 19 inches provide the best driving experience on many vehicles. The study found fuel economy and acceleration to suffer as the wheels, and tires get larger and heavier. With 19-inchers, the fuels economy dips with as much as 10 percent. As such, 15 – 18 inches makes the best choice of wheels for your car.

While pleasing to the eyes, bigger tires and wheels do not quite add to your motoring experience. Sticking to the manufacturer’s recommendation is the key to getting the best performance out of your car.