Auto PartsAs a motorist, the last thing you want to happen is to get involved in a car collision. But, accidents occur, and they can happen to anyone. So, if you were involved in one, you should get your vehicle repaired as soon as possible. You should know, though, that collision damages can be costly, so make the right choices when it comes to replacement parts. Below, JTW Autoparts shares some information on how to do this right:

Your Choices in Replacement Parts

Replacement parts come in many different forms, but the most common ones are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, the genuine parts and the aftermarket parts.

Basically, OEM parts are products made by a manufacturing company for another company (such as Mitsubishi). Genuine parts are technically OEM parts labelled with another brand name (like Mitsubishi), and these are more expensive once they get their new names. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are those manufactured by another company other than the OEM.

The Best Choice

OEM parts are almost always the best choices. But, since they are expensive, many motorists tend to go for aftermarket parts. Although this is fine in some situations, there are some cases wherein compatibility and quality issues may arise. You do not want to purchase a genuine component, unless you have it under warranty, since this is the most expensive type of replacement parts.

Recycled OEM Parts

Fortunately, you will now find recycled OEM parts that will allow you to save a lot of money on repairs and replacements. They are just like their new OEM counterparts, except that they come from used automobiles. Recycling companies retrieve them from second-hand vehicles, clean them up and test their integrity. Rigorous standards ensure the ones sold to buyers are still of good quality.

So, whether you need glass, door handles, mouldings, trims, or any other body part and you rather not spend a lot on new OEM parts, consider their recycled version. Reputable recyclers offer Mitsubishi parts for virtually any make and model, so you won’t have a hard time locating what you need.