House with foyer colorsThe color in your foyer matters. It’s one of the first things people notice when they enter your home. And that’s because of the change in not just the visual scenery but also the vibe, stepping from the outside.

Picking colors for the foyer is tricky, however. Do you go bold in hues, or would that be too much? Do you go for neutrals, or would that be too boring for an entrance?

Bold or Neutral?

The foyer’s color palette all depends on the overall design of the space, specifically how big and open it is. Entryways that have a large space and open two-story foyers have a lot of cuts in the doors and stairs. So if you go bold, the design might appear overdone and just make it too tiring to look at.

The best treatment then for foyers that have large, open spaces is a neutral color scheme. Notice how big, airy homes typically have light shades in their foyers, walls, floors, furniture, and even casings and baseboards, which you can get from companies like Miskas Wood Products.

For small spaces, though, going bold is the way to go. Bright hues will draw attention to the area, so even if it’s just a tiny transitional space, it will never go unnoticed.

Color Scheme at Work

Now that you know how to pick a color palette, it’s time to add that to your space. One way to apply your color scheme is to create an accent wall. You may have a graphic wallpaper or hang a huge art piece there. This could be the focal point in the space, offering visual interest to people who’ll walk in.

Another way is in your rugs. Most people don’t put a lot of thought into choosing rugs, but you should. Foyer rugs should be functional, able to trap dirt before it gets into your home. But it should also be a stylish addition that contributes to the enhanced visual appeal of the space.

The colors in your foyer are important, as they create the vibe people will feel when they enter your space. Make sure the hues make the right impression.