TowingCertain scenarios, such as traffic accidents,  might leave you without a choice of towing services. But in other cases such as slide-offs, breakdowns or engine problems, you may hire the towing services of the company of your choice.

Available Towing Equipment

Different types of tow trucks and equipment in Brisbane are available, and this gives you options to choose from.

  • Boom. This tow equipment is adjustable and used to recover a car from a ditch or in an area that would be unsafe for backing-up.
  • Flatbed. The truck bed is entirely fitted with a bed. The bed can be hydraulically lowered to the ground to allow the towed vehicle to be pulled by a winch.
  • Hook and chain. They connect to the vehicle’s axles or frame from behind by looping chains around the vehicle. Because of the damage they cause, this type of towing equipment is rarely used.
  • Wheel-lift. They use a large metal yoke fitted under the rear or the front wheels to hold them and lift the rear or the front end from the ground. This can be done by a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist.
  • Integrated tow truck. This is the boom and wheel lift integrated into one unit. They are used to move vehicles that have been illegally parked or to repossess vehicles.

What To Look For In A Towing Company

It is always important to be prepared for the unexpected. Since accidents happen, have the contacts of a towing company in your phone contacts to be prepared for the emergency. But before you save that contact information, check for the following.

  • Reputation. It is through the good reputation that many businesses are still operational. Reputation will make all the difference. With technology, it is now possible to read the reputation of a towing company online. Friends, neighbours and relatives can really help when looking for a company with good reputation.
  • Reliability. A towing company with 24/7 customer service is highly recommendable. Will the company be available in the middle of a night? Make sure you have the contacts of a reliable towing company.

It is always important to plan for the unexpected. With a variety of towing equipment available, do your research to have a reliable towing company you would contact when you get into problems, for the right towing equipment.