BMWBirthdays in the car industry are celebrated with pure bliss. Rather than settling with the typical cake cutting and serving them on paper napkins, car brands present car enthusiasts with special editions. And the BMW family is no exception.

Everyone’s well-loved BMW turner turns 50. To celebrate the special occasion, the famous car brand presents car lovers with the ‘Bi-Turbo Edition 50’ versions of the B5 and B6. Both models are considered the most powerful cars up to date. The name alone defines the powerful speed: the B5 is based on the 5-series Saloon and Touring while the B6 utilizes the 6-Series coupe as its starting point.

Both models come with Bi-Turbo variants, a returning version of the BMW M5’s 4.4 liter petrol V8 powering them. Alpina swaps its original BMW pair of turbochargers for its own. Car builders also tweaked the models’ cooling systems and fitted them with lighter pistons. The Alpina also fits its own automatic gearbox, giving the cars a slightly calmer characteristic while maintaining the thrill.

For its 50th edition, spanners have been wielded. Tweaks were added to the models, such as freeing induction and fuel systems at 60bhp and 52lb ft., taking the B5 and B6’s totals to 592 bhp and 590lb ft.

Both cars are neither light nor small but enthusiasts claim that it is enough for a 4.2-second 0-62mph time and a 204mph top speed, a 6mph improvement. Alpina also does away with the BMW’s spoilsport speed limiter.

The signature alloy wheels define classic Alpina design while shedding over 15 kilos with their forged construction. There is also an Akrapovic-sourced titanium exhaust system that ensures plenty of eight-cylinder goodness while a limited-slip differential ensures the models handle well for barges.

Inside the models lies a leather trip and commemorative plaques. Also included is a luxurious Forest Green quilting on the car’s seats. BMW lovers will also be pleased to find out that Alpina’s trademark blue dials remain intact. The car also possesses a sleek and sophisticated finish that dictates class and style.

Alpina is officially affiliated with the BMW. Enthusiasts thrive at the fact that buyers get proper warranty despite some fairly significant mechanical tuning. There will be 50 of each made. Interested clients can choose from 3 colors: blue, green or sepia paint.

The new models’ prices start at about $94,000. Car enthusiasts also claims the deals is worth it, considering a 400bhp-lighter and far less exclusive M5 kicks the V8 M Car range off at a price under $80,000.