vintage carsHave you ever experienced being cheated out of something? It’s a sad fact that, even in the world of charity-giving, there are people who will cheat you of your donation that should have been intended for people truly in need.

To donate your car to charity, has a few tips to avoid giving your car to people who will only use it for their own criminal purposes.


The Internet and your local listing are your friends if you’re looking for a legitimate charity. Many charities will approach you if you want to donate your car, but a handful or maybe more of them are shady organizations.

You should make a list of all the charities in your area—these ones are places that you can check out by yourself, in your own free time. For charities located far away, you can check them through their websites online. It should be easy to find a pretender from among the authentic websites.

Getting an Exemption

One of the biggest reasons car donations are a thing is because a sizeable tax deduction comes along with it.To donate your car to a good cause, check your list for charities where can take a tax deduction for your trouble. Call them to check their authenticity, and verify if they have tax deductions for your donation.

The Final Decision

Who are you donating your car to? Is it for children? Is it for the homeless across the country? The final decision on the recipient of the donation is important, since it spells the difference between giving your car to a charity of your choosing or a charity that you think needs it, but isn’t the one you want to support. Nevertheless, if you want to help, donating your car is meaningless if you donate it to an organization whose philosophy you don’t believe in.