Car DentWhen you care about having your car in great shape, then even the smallest of dents on your car could bother you. However, taking your car to the auto repair shop every time it gets dented is not really an option, especially when considering time and financial constraints.

A simple solution exists – remove the dents yourself. All you need is a DIY dent removal kit (which you may not actually require sometimes) and a couple of spare hours. If this is your first time removing the dents from a car, you can also watch/read some tutorial videos online.

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

  • Smaller dents can be removed using a cup plunger. Wet the plunger and the dented area before getting started on removing the dent.
  • Some dents (in plastic, like bumpers) can also be removed by pouring some hot water on the dented portion and manually popping out the dent from the other end. The hot water reduces the stiffness of the plastic, making it easier to remove the dent.
  • Another easy alternative is to use a hair dryer on the dented portion for approximately one minute before spraying the area with an air duster. The dents automatically pop out as a result.
  • Placing dry ice on the dented area can also remove some of the smaller dents, without affecting the paint. You may need to place the ice on the dent a couple of time before you see the effect.

Larger dents may require the use of the tools available in dent repair kits, or even being taken to an auto shop. Most auto shops offer car dent repair in Perth.

Check with friends and family in the area to find auto repair shops that do great jobs in removing dents from cars. Alternatively, you can also check the local and online directories to find listings.