Brand New TruckYou can’t argue with the flexibility a truck brings to your business. Whether you’re into delivering fresh produce or rolling out electronic gadgets to retail outlets, it’s the convenience of trucks that gets you going. Hold your horses, though; buying a brand new one could be biting off more than you can chew.

Sure, nobody’s stopping you from brandishing a new truck. But remember, there’s more to business than just delivery in style.

Need Vs Want

Anybody will certainly be in 7th heaven driving a brand new truck. Not only do you have a smudge-free vehicle, it’s got brand new upholstery without a single flaw. Fact is, perfect would describe it and no one will disagree.

But that single-digit-mileage truck doesn’t come cheap. details the price difference between a brand new vehicle and a used one is on the average about $20,000. Now, anybody in his right mind wouldn’t mind being handed 20 grand. Certainly, it’s plenty of cash to spare.

Secondly, depreciation costs should be an eye-opener. The moment you roll that brand new truck out of the lot, its value drops substantially due to depreciation. Add normal wear and tear and voila — you could lose your vehicle’s value by as much as 40% in as quick as the first year.

Zeroing in on a Used Vehicle

As an entrepreneur who knows profits don’t come easy, choosing a used truck over a new one is being sensible. While a brand new one depreciates big time right from day one, there’s simply no depreciation issue with a used truck. Even better, you won’t need to worry so much about a chip on the paint as its highly-likely the vehicle’s former owner has that one covered.

Plus, not only do you get a wider option of truck models to choose from, you get to negotiate the price. This is especially true with nifty auctions where vying for a vehicle means it’s been thoroughly examined by other wannabe-buyers.

With all the benefits of purchasing a used truck, choosing one shouldn’t be a tough decision to make.