a warehouseManaging a warehouse is somewhat like playing Tetris. Pack the pieces together neatly and fill the empty spaces efficiently, and you’ll earn points on storage scoreboard. Run out of storage space, and it’s game over.

Luckily, there are several ways to maximize warehouse space, such as using drive-in racking systems. These racks can store more items and create more usable storage space than other shelving solutions.

How Does Drive-In Racking Work?

With drive-in racking, you can use your forklift to slide pallets or boxes backwards on a rail. You get to store your items more deeply, thus creating more space in the warehouse. Drive-in racking can store up to 75 percent more pallets in the same space compared to selective racking, Suerte Steel Corporation explains.

Drive-in racking systems make item retrieval easier, too. All you have to do is drive your forklift and enter the racks from one side to get goods that are stored more deeply.

Does Drive-In Racking Only Allow a Single-Entry Forklift Access?

There are two types of drive-in racking: single and double entry racks. Single racks allow forklift access to one side only. Double entry racks, however, are designed to give forklifts access to both sides of the drive-in racking structure.

When is Drive-In Racking Highly Effective?

While drive-in racking is an ideal solution to maximize space in any warehouse, it is most effective when:

  • You have fragile products that can’t be kept in block stacks.
  • You have limited space for large amounts of similar products.
  • You have a cold storage warehouse. Running cold storage facilities can be expensive, so you’ll want to store as many goods in as limited a space as possible.

Drive-in racking systems are like those straight-line pieces in Tetris. They aren’t only the right fit for your warehouse, but they also help you free up more space, so you can accommodate and store more goods.