Stainless steel bars and pipesEase of maintenance and great appearance are some of the features that make stainless steel a choice metal in the construction sector notes one of the reputable welding companies in Edmonton, Alberta. The fact that the metal can hold its own against the elements doesn’t hurt either.

Unlike other steel varieties, this metal is quite resistant to the usual corrosion agents – water and oxygen. However, that doesn’t make it invincible. Here are some impressive ways to ensure you get the best from your stainless-steel structures.

Understand the threat

The difference between carbon steel and stainless steel is that the later contains a high level of chromium. When exposed to the elements, chromium reacts with oxygen to form a passive layer that prevents further rusting. That is what makes most stainless-steel fittings impervious to rust.

But that doesn’t make them invincible for they are highly vulnerable to chemicals in the chloride family. That makes stainless steel a poor choice of building material in the coastal area where it’ll be exposed to salt water. Or in places where salts are used as a choice de-icing agent in winter.

Be sure to them properly

Cleaning stainless steel fixtures properly not only improve their appearances but also preserves their ability to resist corrosion. Regular cleaning keeps corrosive substances from accumulating and creating weak spots on the surface. In most cases, washing with soap and water followed by a rinse with clean water is enough to keep such fittings in excellent condition.

However, that is only possible if the chromium content in the stainless steel is above 12 per cent. If not, you might have to take additional measures to increase corrosion resistance and prevent premature failure. Passivation is a popular post production method that helps stainless steel resists corrosion. It entails immersing the metal in a passivating acid bath.

Stainless steel remains a popular building and construction material due to its strength, durability, and shiny appearance. However, you need to keep in great shape to reap all the benefits it offers.