Autumn DrivingAutumn is finally here, which means cooler temperature and shorter days are coming. It will not be long before the weather gets rainy and unpredictable. Australia experiences a variety of climates, which is why it is important that car owners know the right time to do repairs or improvements.

Sure, the rain, leaves and cool, crisp air are lovely. But you need to be familiar with the dangers of driving during autumn and get your vehicle ready.

Check the Tyres and Brakes

In autumn, your enemy is not just the slippery roads, but also the wet leaves that can turn into dangerous icy things. When the roads are wet, you may find it difficult to make your vehicle stop immediately. This is the reason it is important to have your tyres and brakes checked. Driving hazards need good stopping power, so you have to determine if your car parts require repair or replacement. Also, don’t forget to inspect the tire pressure.

Change the Wiper Blades

A cool weather can cause you to depend heavily on your windshield wipers. Automotive professionals like JTW Auto Parts share that the purpose of wiper blades is to let you see clearly when raining. So it is best to replace the old blades with quality used ones to ensure its functionality. Make sure you clean every wiper properly to keep it in good working condition.

Inspect Under the Hood

Take a moment to check the engine. This is a great way to identify any warning signs of wear and tear. If you have noticed any grumbling and other engine noise, don’t hesitate to replace the damaged parts. As much as possible, have a professional thoroughly check your engine.

Autumn is not just the time to make home improvements and do exterior repairs. Keep these things in mind to get your vehicle ready for dangerous road conditions and other hazards.