Restaurant KitchenThe kitchen is the heart and soul of any restaurant business. Whether it is a big one, or a starting one, keeping the kitchen functional by taking care of the chefs, cooks, and staff, is very important. Thus, investing in commercial anti-fatigue kitchen mats is often a priority.

There are different kinds of commercial kitchen mats available in the market. But, it is important to get the right one that will serve its function for the welfare of the user. There are four simple things worth keeping in mind when making your purchase.

Commercial kitchen mats purchase guide


There are basic rubber mats that will provide a cushion, and then there are anti-fatigue mats that will provide both safety and cushion to the user. The kind of mat to purchase would depend on the location and purpose of its use. The washing and cooking stations would most likely benefit from having anti-fatigue mats while the entrance to the kitchen can do with a simple rubber mat just to avoid slipping.


Mats come in different sizes. It can be as small as 2’x3’ or as wide as 12’x60’. The size would depend on its usage and the location where it will be placed. So measuring the space, before choosing your mats will be helpful.


Mats, especially quality anti-fatigue mats, are made of durable materials that will last long while at the same time soft enough to help the user comfortable. However, quality is not enough. The amount of traffic and maintenance also helps dictate its lifespan.


Mats get dirty as much as other parts of the kitchen (or even more). Thus, it would be helpful to know how you can keep it sanitised and well-maintained before your purchase. A high-maintenance mat might cost you more trouble (and money) than it’s supposed to.

Buying mats are easy. But getting the right one is not. Keep these things in mind and see how it can help improve productivity and safety in your kitchen.