SUV in Battle CreekNothing beats taking your family on a road trip after months of busy work and school schedules. You finally found the perfect place to relax in the great outdoors and have come up with exciting activities to bond with your kids. The things you don’t probably look forward to are the traffic jam, your exhausted arms, and other aching worries. You can now fully enjoy the new SUV you got in Battle Creek by following this guide to have a better family road trip.

Ensure you have a full-size spare tire.

There’s nothing wrong in bringing small donut spare tires for they are better than not having one at all. But, would you really waste time driving 35mph on such tires? If you want to bring a spare, choose a full-size tire, ensure it’s in prime condition and is full of air.

Bring a roadmap and compass to help you find your way.

In this day and age, people easily depend on cell service and GPS when they get lost. You have to prepare if, somehow, the pit stop you made does not have any mobile service. Take a printed road map with you and use a compass to read it. Both items are small enough to store in your glove compartment during emergency cases when technology fails you.

If you’re heading to the East, get an E-ZPass for convenience.

Before you get in that car and sing road trip songs with your wife and kids, plan the toll roads to take. If you’re driving through the Eastern states like Ohio, it will be convenient to get an E-ZPass that allows you to pay through electronic toll passes prior to even leaving your home. You can effectively manage your finances beforehand because you can pay for it monthly.

Make the most of your great American road trip by preparing for worst case scenarios on the road. This will eliminate future worries to let you completely enjoy the bonding moment with your family.