a woman receiving a packageOnline shopping has grown steadily in Australia that the need for better packaging equipment solutions becomes more necessary, as customers now place their focus on faster shipments than lower-priced items. In fact, the country now ranks second worldwide in terms of e-commerce growth. Therefore, warehouse managers should find ways on how they can meet demands from retailers who want to serve their own clients’ preference for same-day deliveries.

Efficient Packing

Australia Post’s shipments from online orders serve as an example of why efficient packing affects the overall logistics operations. The company handles more parcels than mail in the last seven years, and its parcel business has accounted for more than 50% of revenues in 2015.

Other logistics service providers may have also noticed an increase in processed orders from online purchases, which then spurs the need for better delivery times. Most customers are now willing to pay more for an item if it means no delays and free shipping. A solution to this growing demand involves the use of parcel lockers, particularly for last-mile deliveries. Meanwhile, warehouse managers should emulate Australia Post’s decision to install an online parcel processing machine.

Online Technology

Australia Post recently installed a new online processing machine that could handle more than 10,000 parcels per hour. The investment comes at the right time ahead of the holiday season this year. COO Bob Black said that they expect more Australians to buy items via virtual stores. In December 2017, the company processed more than 37 million parcels. Australia Post expects this year’s holidays to be no different.

Faster and efficient product packaging reduces wait times on handling warehoused orders from e-commerce transactions. More retailers will need to deliver on their promise of sending products to customers on time, and your packaging equipment will play an important role in this situation.