large warehouseAs a warehouse and business owner, it should be your number one priority to ensure the safety of your employees. Sure, you already have a set of rules and regulations but are you sure that your employees follow every single one?

Again, it would be best to discuss it with them to make sure that no harm will come to them when they are at work. Talk to your trusted supplier of pallet racking and discuss some pallet racking safety tips for you and your employees to follow.

Loading the Racks

Train your fork truck drivers to load the pallets on the racks properly to prevent any type of collision. The pallets must rest evenly across all load beams so that you disperse the weight of the pallet properly on the rack.

Place the racks far away from each other to make sure that your drivers have enough space to work with.

Weight Capacities

Every rack should tell you how much weight is allowed for it to hold. Look for the weight capacities on the beams and uprights – you should post them there. If you cannot find the weight capacities, then go ahead and take measurements of each one, call your manufacturer right away, then ask them about the weight capacities of the racks.

Overloading the racks can cause a lot of trouble, especially for your employees.

Installing Shim Plates

People use shim plates or shims to fill gaps and spaces in between loose objects. It is a must to use these for your racks to make sure that they are steadily standing on the ground. Sure, your floor may feel like it is perfectly flat, but chances are it is not perfectly levelled.

Shims are important to make sure that your racks will stay upright so that the loading and unloading of racks will always be safe.

When it comes to warehouses and factories, you can never be too safe. Follow these tips and always have peace of mind!