Refrigerated TruckGone are the days when perishable goods such as fresh vegetables could only be transported from one state to another through air. Technological advancement has made it possible for truck assembling companies to make refrigerated trucks that can carry perishables conveniently. This has led to emergence of many refrigerated trucking companies in the US.

According to refrigerated trucking companies like, this form of transportation is more affordable than other options available. If you are planning to venture into this business, consider the following tips when coming up with your business plan to achieve maximum profits:

Setting of the refrigeration Unit

When hauling highly perishable goods such as flowers and fruits, make sure the refrigeration unit runs continuously. This is because some of the produce may ripen during transit, resulting in an increase in heat inside the compartments. Continuous flow of cold air will ensure that the goods remain fresh despite changes in heat levels.

Multiple Loads

Most companies haul multiple loads to increase their profit margins and reduce operating costs. Different goods have different storage requirements, especially when it comes to temperature. As such, it is wise to avoid transporting multi-temp loads unless the truck’s design suits this type of operation.

Invest in Training Drivers

The drivers should not only be aware of how to drive the truck from your warehouse to the clients’ business premises. They should be able to operate the refrigeration unit comprehensively. For example, they should know when to switch on and off the “continuous run” setting during transit to preserve the goods.

Handling Cargo

No matter the type of goods, you need to ensure they are well packaged. For fresh products such as flowers, the packaging requires proper ventilation. The cargo and trailer should also be pre-cooled to the optimal temperature to get rid of heat.

Just like any other business, to run a refrigeration trucking company, you need to have a supportive team to help you make informed decisions. Consider the above tips to achieve your set business objectives.