Man checking their logisticsThe fourth industrial revolution, more commonly known as Industry 4.0, offers more than just customised and personalised products for Australian logistics and manufacturing companies.

However, warehouse managers should know that digitalisation could only do so much in terms of operational safety. For instance, choosing the right industrial stair ladders remains important in preventing injuries from manual handling of items.

Industrial 4.0 Advantages

Manufacturers should consider the competitive edge that they could gain from fully embracing Industry 4.0. The process of launching new products often starts with an idea, and companies that materialise this concept into reality as quickly as possible will have the upper hand. By the time your competitors imitate your products, you’d be busy creating a new one.

Of course, none of these realised concepts would be possible without a skilled workforce. Industry 4.0 is still a relatively new concept for logistics and manufacturing companies, so providing individuals with the right training would be crucial to maximising its benefits for your operations.

Manual Approach

While digitalisation helps in staying on top of competitors, logistics and manufacturers are still in an era where manual processes for warehousing remain necessary. These include proper handling of boxes and other heavy objects.

Unless robots take over these tasks, it’s essential for warehouse managers to keep an eye on their employees’ best practices on safety. A good example involves a heavyweight shipment that is ideally better off to be shipped directly to its destination, instead of having to store it somewhere and have someone lift it again for dispatch.

Australia’s logistics and manufacturing companies should know to strike a balance between modernising their operations and keeping conventional practices at the same time. There might be certain types of equipment and services that could be digitalised, but something as simple as choosing an industrial ladder will require a traditional approach.