DoorOne of the weak points of your business establishment’s security is door hinges. Without proper selection, the hinges can be easily removed by intruders who want to gain access to your property. These hinges might also leave gaps in your door which compromise your privacy.

The best choice for commercial door hinges is, in most cases, a continuous one. The design of continuous hinges allows maximum weight distribution as well as better privacy and security. Here are the mounting options for your continuous door hinges.

Full Mortise Mounting

This is generally suitable for new doors. It works in a way that conceals both the door and frame leaves. Full mortise continuous hinges will also cover your existing preparations for standard hinges.

When mounting the hinges, the frame leaf is fastened to your door frame jamb while the door leaf is attached to your door’s edge. Both attachments use #12–24 self-threading screws.

Full Surface Mounting

This option is usually for retrofitting and renovations. Fastened to frame, the hinges are exposed. When carrying out a full surface hinge installation, the frame leaf is secured to the face of the door frame while the door leaf attaches to the door face.

Half Surface Mounting

This mounting option is also used for retrofitting and renovating. The door leaf of a half surface hinge installation is fastened to the door face’s exposed surface while the frame leaf is attached to the frame’s concealed surface. The fasteners used are similar to those used for mounting full surface hinges.

The mounting options for continuous hinges mentioned above function similarly. Their primary differences are in the location of their fastening between the door frame and the door. Irrespective of your choice, continuous door hinges assure your business of minimal noise, privacy and security.