Person pointing to a bookReading is a valuable skill your students must not only have, but be good at. This helps improve vocabulary, communication, and understanding of the world. The problem is a lot of kids today are not exactly interested in getting into this brain-boosting habit. In fact, survey says that two out of three children think that it is uncool and boring. How do you turn things around for your students and keep them from being that statistic? Here are some tips to inspire kids to love reading:

Let students see you read

Talk the talk, walk the walk. If you want your students to read Shakespeare, you must do it yourself as well. As they say, the best type of leadership is leadership by example. While students are doing a group activity or whatnot and you have free time on your hands, open your favourite book. Share your insights about the novel or self-help you are reading to spark curiosity.

Create the reading culture

One reason pupils do not love reading is that they do not see their friends and classmates grabbing a Harry Potter during recess time. That is where the ‘boring’ perception comes from. If their friends do not do it, why would they? Change that by instilling a reading culture at your school. Fill spaces with books they can easily borrow. You may even want to dedicate school shelters for that. With the availability of books and an open space, they can hang out after class and just spend a quiet time snuggling up to a good novel.

Educate them on how to read

Sometimes, kids do not read, precisely because they do not know how. They do not understand easily what they see. What you can do is provide reading strategies. Visualising is one, so let your students form mental pictures as they read. Another is synthesising. After reading a chapter, encourage them to summarise it to themselves. Identify obstacles that keep students from reading, then recommend strategies.

Organise a book club

Cliche, but useful. This contributes to the reading culture you are trying to build in your school. When other students see that some students are actually interested in such, they will also be curious about what is in the book club. Make sure to keep things exciting for the club members. Ditch the classrooms and go outdoors — hang out at the school shelters. Invite a local author in one of your gatherings. Make things exciting.

Reading is a skill your students should excel at. Make them lovers of this brain-enhancing habit with these tips.