Northeast Exotic is committed in respecting and protecting your privacy while your surf our pages. We are dedicated in providing our readers with the best online experience plus their privacy. Our aim is to gain your trust by promoting fair use of data and user information.

We collect user information for the purposes of getting to know our clients better. Rest assured, we have strict guidelines and policies regarding data collection for your protection. All gathered information are stored in our secure servers so minus the worry for our readers.

The Type of Data We Gather

Northeast Exotic collects both personal and anonymous data when you browse our site. Personal data identifies users as an individual, along with their name and home address. On the other hand, anonymous data does not identify users as a person but used in aggregate instead.

Collecting Information From Others

Sometimes we offer users the chance to invite their family and friends to enjoy a particular service from our site. During such circumstances, we will collect personal details from said individuals. Of course, we will ask your consent first in mentioning your name when we contact these recommended people. All gathered information will be saved once and will never be stored in our hardware.


“Cookies” are small bits of information a website sends to your computer during your site visit. Our site uses cookies to provide visitors are more interactive experience. You can accept or decline cookies but for some parts of our site to work, you’ll need to accept cookies.

Moving to Other Third Party Sites

When you click links or advertisements on our site, you will be automatically directed to third party sites out of our control. We do not accept responsibility for your consent and our privacy policy does not cover the third party site’s rules on privacy.

We advise users to be careful when visiting third party sites.