industrial grade strappingWhether you are moving your shipment internationally, across states, or just from one city to another, proper packaging is important. Not only does it protect your goods, it also protects your business reputation. Thus, having the right tools to make a successful shipment is a must.

One of the most important aspects of packaging equipment solutions is the strap. There are various types of straps available at Packline Solutions. Knowing which type to use for your specific needs will surely help you get the right packaging that you need.

Strapping solutions for different conditions

Heavy load

Steel is the most common material used for strapping heavy loads. Not only is it durable, it is also dent resistant which means the goods are better protected than using other materials.

Multipurpose and light load

Polyester strapping is best used for light loads and other standard shipments. It might not be able to stretch as much as Polypropylene, but it can be as durable as light steel. Also, it comes in different colors which makes it easier for companies to classify one shipment from the other. Polypropylene is the cheapest type of strapping and is commonly used for light and common loads. It has the greatest stretch among all the strap materials but is not recommended to be used on heavier loads.

Challenging transport

High tensile steel strapping is commonly used for industrial purposes. Shipments that would have to travel via railroads are usually secured with high tensile steel strapping as it takes on harsher situation and travel conditions better than other materials.

Natural elements

Stainless steel responds well to natural elements like extreme heat and cold temperatures. They are durable and is resistant to rust and corrosion. Therefore, shipments that are exposed to such diversity are often strapped with stainless steel strapping materials.

Long-term storage

Zinc coated steel is great for long-term storage. The zinc in the material helps prevents rusts and corrosion from building up. Like Stainless steel, it is UV resistant and is durable. The only downside is its possibility of stretching if it is in the product for a long time.

Different materials are used for different purposes. Make sure you have the right strapping tool for your next shipment.