Gardening tools with potted flowersAny arborist will tell you that successful pruning depends on the tool you choose for the job. This is always the case regardless of whether you are tending to your backyard trees or taking care of your orchard. Stocking your toolshed with the right high-quality tools will make your life as an arborist or fruit farmer easier for a long time to come.

The choice of your pruning tools will rely on the size of branches you will be cutting. There are other factors to consider:

1. The elevation of the tree you are pruning;
2. How tough are the tree branches;
3. How well the tree heals after a pruning.

You need the following basic tools for your pruning and gardening needs.

An Orchard Ladder

When you need to prune your trees, you need an orchard ladder to reach those high and difficult places. Observe safety precautions when using these ladders, A.I.M. Sales adds that you shoud wear the proper safety equipment to prevent slips or falls.

A Lopper

The lopper uses the same cutting principle as the hand pruner only that it is designed to exert more force, hence making it ideal for slightly bigger branches. Most loppers will have a label specifying the branch size it can handle. Buy one that suits most of your pruning needs.

A Pruning Saw

Even though it is advisable to do all your pruning when the branches are small, there will always be that time when you need to cut through bigger and tougher branches. In this case, you will need the curved pruning saw. Choose one whose blade is made of tempered metal so that the blade stays sharp longer.

Taking good care of your pruning tools will not only make them safer for the trees you prune but also easier to use. Sharpen the cutting edges often and always disinfect them using alcohol, Listerine or Lysol between cuts to avoid spreading diseases to other trees.