MclarenSports car lovers are pleased with the end of a long wait. After months of testing and development, the newest addition to the McLaren range has finally arrived. This new sports car, called the 570S, trumps over the 650S, dubbed as the better version of its predecessor.

Styling-wise, the 570S shares cues with the 650S: the shape of the LED headlamps and how the light feeds into the front aerodynamic setup, as does the overall silhouette of the sports car. Both models also share a P1 rear styling and the Russian doll feel popular amongst McLaren’s range of models. But when both cars are placed side by side, the similarities end.

The rear pillars are open buttresses on the new 570S. This new feature offers up to 8kg of extra down force. The 570S doors are also noticeably more sculpted compared to its predecessor.

Despite the 570S being Woking’s most economical and least powerful model, the car is 18 mm longer and 187 mm wider compared to the 650S. Car users refuse to dub the newest addition as the baby of the McLaren range. Compared to the other models, it is known for being the most accessible and usable. With the extra inches added, the car also provides a roomier interior and more luggage space.

Again, the 570S shares DNA with other McLaren range—engine-wise. The newest addition is built with a twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8, featuring around 30% new components. Its outputs are 562bho and 443lb ft, putting the 570S slightly ahead of the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

The 570S is 79bhp and 57lb ft. shy of the 650S. But money-wise, this model is cheaper. At around £145,000, the 570S costs £50,000 less compared to the 650S.

Despite the costs, McLaren’s lightweight and ultra-stiff carbon tub construction is carried over, guaranteeing a 1313kg dry weight. The 570S also remains rear-driven. Similar to its other brothers, this model utilizes a seven-speed paddle shift gearbox. Carbon ceramic brakes are considered standard equipment.

The 570S also shares similarity with its brothers via the suspension system. This model also offers Normal, Sport and Track modes. It comprises double wishbones with adaptive dampers, though it is distanced from the 650S by its fitting of rear anti-roll bars.

Inside the car, McLaren’s IRIS touchscreen infotainment system continues. Also included is a new TFT instrument cluster and swathes of leather. The view out of the big windscreen is also as exemplary as in the 650S.

The release of the 570S kicks off McLaren’s Sport Series range of cars. More models are expected to follow, such as an open-top Spider. This new model debuts this week at the New York Motor Show, before the sales begin later in 2015. The new model will be sold along with the Porsche 911 Turbo S and Audi R8 V10 plus.