A house being constructedThere are several reasons why you should buy steel tubing for building houses from providers like Wasatch Steel, although some of the less subtle benefits include steel’s adaptability and earthquake resistance.

Subtle Advantages

Steel-built homes can be modified when the need arises, whether a homeowner wants more space or higher walls. You can use non-composite steel beams with the existing floor slab, while cover plates with beams are added for enhanced structural strength. This is useful when adding significant floor loads. For wider spaces, extended steel spans can be used to build column-free interiors at home. Many future homeowners want column grid space to reach around 15 meters.

Sustainable Features

Homes with steel frames are not only aesthetically pleasing but also good for the environment in terms of recycling materials. Recycled steel accounts for approximately 30% of newly produced materials. If you’re looking for a sustainable way of building your own house, then steel serves as a good option. You could also save on costs if you use steel for foundations instead of concrete.

Home Construction Cost

It costs almost $290,000 on average to build a house from scratch in the U.S. for 2018, but you could end up spending more depending on your choice of materials and location. You should think about using steel for beams instead of wood since the latter takes up more space and requires more materials.

The need for more materials means more expenses. Modular and prefabricated houses can be another option if you want to shorten the construction timeframe, which ultimately reduces labor expenses. A house built off-site may cost between $50,000 and $300,000. However, you may need to give up your freedom of choosing the design of your home if you choose this type of home construction.


Steel provides more than just structural stability for home construction and design. When choosing a supplier of steel products, consider those who offer most of their products online for an easier selection of items.