Construction Site SafetyConstruction site accidents happen more often than you think. If you are building your office or house for the first time, you simply trust that your contractor will get everything covered. You need to make sure of it.

You don’t want to be involved in an injury, or worse death, that could have been prevented had you been more hands on. According to Safe Work Australia, deaths involved in construction this year already total to 16. To make sure that you don’t add another number, follow these guidelines.

1. Check if the workers are dressed and geared properly.

It is easy to miss a worker especially if he is working under or above sight. Provide high-visibility outfit such as reflective vests. Make sure also that they have the right pair of shoes, helmets, and eye protection.

2. Give regular breaks to your workers.

Taking care of your workers doesn’t simply mean keeping them properly geared. You need to think about their working condition as well. Especially if they are under the sun all day, make sure that they are hydrated. Heat stroke and dehydration can happen to anyone, so make sure they know that they can take breaks.

3. Make sure that all machines and materials are in mint condition.

All the machines, vehicles, and materials that you are using should be in good condition. Don’t take the risk and wait for something to collapse or fall. Being thrifty may cause someone else’s life.

4. Provide the necessary warning signs.

To protect your workers and other people like pedestrians, PowerPac Group says not to fall short in providing caution signs. It’s important that these warnings are visible, so instead of trying to make your own by recycling plywoods and such and using markers, just buy from reputable stores.

5. Hold mandatory safety meetings.

The best way to keep your job site accident-free is by having daily meetings before the start of a workday. During these meetings, you can give all the necessary announcements about processes, machines, and materials. Also, allow the workers to voice out any concern that they might have.

Being a responsible building owner can be costly, yes. Nonetheless, if that can spare another construction accident, it is all worth it. If you want a job well done, you need to make worker safety a priority.