Water Treatment SystemHotel management is a major responsibility of keeping efficient operations while putting customers’ satisfaction first. This might be a challenge, but by keeping this quick guide from Superior Water Conditioners handy, you can work your way toward making it a huge success.

Reduce chances of breakdowns

Don’t lose a guest with a broken AC unit. Install a cooling tower for your hotel to keep the conditioned air always cool and clean-smelling. Also, cooling towers diminish chances of air-conditioning system breakdowns.

To keep the cooling tower efficient, utilize a chemical-free cooling tower water treatment. Chemical-free water treatments also prevent rust and corrosion, and the formation of insoluble scale deposits and bacteria in the cooling water.

Regularly maintain washing machines

Hotels handle a lot of laundry, adding up on operation costs. However, you can cut down on hotel laundry expenses by getting the dryers and washing machines recalibrated regularly. This does the trick on reducing electrical or gas costs.

Also, when doing laundry, wash at full capacity. Use a weighing scale to make sure you put the right laundry weight on the machine. Doing this not only allows you to save time, effort, and costs but also keeps your washing machine work better and more efficiently.

Keep a task checklist

Keeping a task checklist for the housekeeping team to follow strictly ensures quality standards are met anywhere in the hotel. It’s best to make a checklist for the rooms (bedroom and toilet), and for common areas (lobby, front desk, lounge, dining room, gym, swimming pool, alleys, etc.).

Get feedback from guests

No matter how well you manage the hotel, there’s always a room for improvement, and usually, you can get better by asking your guests how you can serve them better.

Thus, it helps to encourage feedback and suggestions from your clients. You can do this through a suggestion box, or a form you can put on the desk inside the guests’ rooms. You could also make use of social media platforms where guests can leave reviews and recommendations.

Follow these management tips, and you’re on your way to running a successful hotel.